Are Bail Bondsman Considered To Be Cops?

There are many levels to law enforcement and a lot of the jobs one agency does will overlap with another.  With this overlap, there are going to be some common rules and regulations that need to be followed, and those working through the system after getting Huntington Beach Bail Bonds have similar rules that apply throughout the country.

For those working at bail bond companies such as Acme Bail Bonds Huntington Beach, the laws and regulations do not authorize them to be cops.  In a lot of cases however, many bondsmen were previously employed as officers, but since moved on to being bondsman in later years.

Understanding the laws

The main thing that needs to be done is having a great understanding and respect for the law.  If a bondsman doesn’t respect or work within the laws then they are considered to be more of a vigilante, which is not tolerated.  A bondsman needs to work within the laws and do everything by the book, otherwise it can damage the case, invalidate the arrest and the court will have no choice but to throw out the case or take other legal action.

Attempt to work with those on bond

When putting someone on bond it isn’t all about chasing after them, getting into shootouts and fighting gang wars.  The bondsman is the middleman between the accused and the court.  When working with someone on bond, it is the bondsman’s duty to instruct them as to what can be done, what can’t and enforce the laws as written.  This doesn’t mean they have to do everything as written; they can use their own judgment.

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Go to court

Once your bond has reached its end, you will have had to go to court.  This is where the bondsman responsibility ends.  However, if you fail to go to court then the bond is broken and the court will then look for the bond to be settled.  If not, the bondsman will have to pay or recapture the accused which can become dangerous if they skipped or the crimes were violent.  In these situations, the bondsman will take on the role of an officer and make an arrest.