How Regularly Should You Hire A Professional Cleaning Service for Office

Are you thinking about scheduling a cleaning service for your office? Do you remember when did you get your office cleaned the last time professionally? This brings you to the question, how often should you hire professional floor cleaning services in Melville, NY?

The frequency of professional cleaning for office depends on varying factors. Here are a few questions that you must ask yourself.

How Big Is Your Office

The frequency of hiring a professional service to get your office cleaned largely depends on its size. If it is spread over a large area, it will not get dirty quickly.

On the contrary, small spaces get dirty more easily and quickly. You may schedule a professional cleaning every 6 months for a large office and every 3-4 months for a small one.

What Is the Primary Function of Your Office

professional floor cleaning services in Melville, NY

The work carried out in your office also greatly impact the requirement of professional cleaning. If you run a showroom or retail complex that mostly has crowds of customers, you will need frequent professional services.

On the other hand, if you operate an office that does not require clients or customer meetings, you can decrease the frequency.

How Many Employees Work In Your Office

If you have a considerable number of employees working in your office, you will need to hire professional services more frequently. That is because the more the people, the more the dirt and garbage they will bring. The opposite goes for a fewer number of employees.

What is the Texture of Your Office Floor

The texture of your office floor makes an impact on the cleaning requirement. If your floor is carpeted, it may not require frequent cleaning, which is followed by a wooden floor. However, an office with a tiled floor requires more and quicker cleaning schedules.


To maintain the hygiene and environment of your office, make sure you hire professional services when required. They work better than the regular janitors and also help preserve the look of your office floor!