5 Ways Dental Implants Make You Smile

When you are missing a tooth or several teeth, it is not easy to smile the way you did before tooth loss. People judge us by our appearance and when teeth are missing, others oftentimes form an adverse opinion before they get to know who we are as people. You can choose dentures for tooth replacement, but you won’t enjoy the various benefits that dental implants offer users.

More people use dental implants today than ever before as they recognize their value. You will smile more when dental implants are part of your smile makeover. What is it about the dental implant in Saint Louis that is so satisfying to patients suffering from tooth loss? The long list of reasons cannot be listed here but we will look at five ways dental implants make you smile a little bit more.

1.    You will forget that you have ‘fake’ teeth in your mouth. Dental implants are so comfortable and attached to the mouth using a titanium screw that keeps them in place. It is easy to live when you are not concerned with your ‘teeth’ falling out of your mouth.

2.    Dental implants last. Most users get a lifetime of use from the implants since they average a 20+ year lifetime.

3.    Many people who face tooth loss also face changes in their face shape due to bone loss. When you choose tooth implants, you protect this precious bone and the decline of your facial structure.

4.    Who likes visiting the dentist? No one, right? A dental implants procedure may very well help you visit the dentist less often. You will have so many reasons to smile when you know that your mouth is healthy.

dental implant in Saint Louis

5.    Implants look great, just like the natural teeth. No one knows that it’s not your own natural teeth and that is an incredible feeling.